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If there is one thing that fashion enthusiasts cannot stop obsessing about, then it has to be that dream of becoming the ultimate trendsetter, that all look up to them for their style! If you share the same secret ambition, but do not know where to start from, then here are few things you may like to learn…1. Firstly, decide what suits you and makes you feel comfortable. A good idea is to do a search on your particular body type and see what experts have to say about what you should wear. For instance, short and fat people are always advised to avoid horizontal stripes, and vice versa. Believe it or not, these kinds of concepts do come in extremely handy.

2. Next, sit down and think what styles fascinates you the most. Some people like the ‘emo’ look, while the others live for the classy dream. Picking one favorite style can help you update your wardrobe perfectly.3. Now choose some of your favorite actors, models, rock stars, brands and designers who love your kind of fashion. Select a few who you absolutely love and do a through research on their dressing styles and work on them creatively to come up with something more personalized.4. Once done with that, you are ready to update your wardrobe. If you pride yourself on being a good shopper or simply like to be picky and choosy while shopping then try out the local-and not so common flea markets, so that you can get something different. For others who do not like to be so adventurous, stick to a few brands that sell stuff that fit you well, and mix and match to define your style.

Above all, do not be afraid to experiment and do something that will make you stand out. It may not always work well, but hey-Paris Hilton has been known to make fashion faux passé too!

Fashion Tips – Five Simple Ways to Update Your Wardrobe | Fashion Update

Autumn/Fall soon will be knocking at our doors and one more time we must update our wardrobe to be in fashion as required by the activities in our daily lives. There is so much black this Fall, it should be fairly easy to update our look, using all of our Summer black pieces and adding the Fall pieces that we already have, that will change the mood of the season, it should not be expensive at all. Let’s see, where do we begin – First, if possible, recruit a friend whose style you admire, it is a lot of fun, and two heads are better than one, she’ll be a priceless aide in this endeavor.Take Wardrobe Inventory:
You might own more than one piece of an almost identical style and you must take that into consideration. At this point, be sure to keep strictly what you know you would wear. If in doubt, discard it at this step to avoid losing time later on. Now we know exactly what we have. The more black you have the better.

Sorting Out Garments:
If you did not wear it last year, first try it for size. Continue to sort garments and all articles by color, tops with tops and bottoms with bottoms, etc., you must include camisoles, shirts, blouses, vests, sweaters, jackets, coats, pants, dresses, skirts and all accessories, including jewelry, scarfs, belts, hats, purses and pashmina shawl. Shoes and sandals too.Checking Garments for Alterations:
In the case of an expensive garment, do not discard without considering an alteration. Some times this will be very minor, yet it will change the entire look, and save you money. Classic garments should never be discarded, they are as we know, everlasting, reasonless and always in style. Expensive fabric garments such as cashmere, silk and others expensive fabrics, need to be looked at twice before getting rid of them.Now the fun begins, let’s put together our first Fall outfit, we are going to try a layered look, camisole, vest, scarf, jacket, skirt or pants; all of them have one thing in common, their colors go well together and the fabrics complement each other. Now lets bring it alive, add some earrings and a bracelet, using the same criteria as above. They do not have to be a set, but they must go together, use larger accessories to dress it up. If the occasion calls for dressing it down, using a tee instead of the camisole, removing the scarf and using smaller earrings and bracelet will give it the look you need. Everything is fair game. It is you. It is your new look. Be careful that your purse and shoes go well together, or you can complement purse and earrings, shoes and belt. To tie in the black earrings with the black on a two tone garment is so easy, and the look is always great. You always tie in with the darkest color in the fabric of that particular piece. Try to tie in together two unexpected items, you will be surprised how clean and fashionable this technique works. If you still feel that you need to buy new garments, do it with your current wardrobe in mind at all times, that way you will make more than one outfit and coordinate it well, while saving money.

The Power of Black; Black is in all garments this Fall, in combination with other colors or just black. There is not much change from previous seasons in regards to style, the pieces continue to be ritzy and beautiful. Remember all well planned wardrobes must include a black dress, a white blouse and a black skirt and black either heals or pumps. Experimenting with all your pieces will make you a pro at looking renewed, stylish and chic. And at a very inexpensive price. Good wishes with your new hobby!